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National Garden Month – The Best Plants for Your Home

April is National Garden Month, so we thought we’d celebrate by talking about the many plants and trees that can actually benefit your home and garden. With Spring in full swing, now’s the time to think about landscaping your yard for the warmer weather. As you begin the search for shrubbery to plant, it’s important to look for plants that offer some benefit to your home, whether that’s appearance, shade, or coverage. 

Great Plant Options for Your Garden


Hostas are a beautiful plant that provide a lush look to your garden or landscaping and come back year after year. They’re relatively low maintenance and are great for providing a lot of coverage in empty garden areas. 


This flowering plant produces bright, usually purple, flowers that grow upright. Coneflowers are known to attract pollinators, like bees and butterflies, while also repelling deer. They are also drought resistant which makes them a great staple for your garden. 


Not only is peppermint fun to grow and use in your cooking, it also helps repel mosquitos, ants, and spiders. This hardy plant grows quickly and spreads fast, so be sure to keep it contained in your garden.


Peonies are well-known for their beautiful blooms that appear in the late spring and early summer. While the blooms only last for a short time, the rest of the lush, green plant looks great in any garden all year long. Peonies also repel deer and rabbits from nibbling on your plants. 

The Best Trees for Outdoor Areas

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are a spring favorite that usually flower white and pink blooms. Even into the fall and winter, these trees’ unique branching patterns will provide character to your yard. 

Green Giant Arborvitae

These large, evergreen trees grow in a cone shape, making them great for creating privacy walls that still look good. Not only are they low maintenance, they are also very resilient and can thrive in a variety of conditions.

Silver Maple

Silver Maple trees are fantastic for providing a lot of yard coverage and shade. They grow quickly, often reaching close to full size after around five years. In the spring and summer, maple trees provide great leaf coverage, giving you some shade in the hot weather. 
While you’re out tending to your garden and landscaping this month, also be sure to check around your house for any issues with your foundation, windows, or roof. At Rocky Top Restoration, we’re available 24/7 to help you with any repairs or emergency restoration needs. Give us a call at (865) 440-7449 or contact us on our website for any of your home restoration needs!