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National Pet Fire Safety Day

Having a pet is loads of responsibility. You have to feed them, take them out to go to the bathroom, care for them, and, most importantly, protect them. Pets are just as much a part of a family as any other member. You must take preventable measures to keep your pets safe from fires and other emergencies in your home. Here are a few pet fire safety tips we encourage for any pet owners.

Extinguish Open Flames

Pets are curious and not cautious, like humans. Wagging tails from dogs or curious paws from kittens can knock over candles causing open flames. Make sure to keep your pets away from open flames and know precisely where your fire extinguisher is. 

Consider Flameless Candles

Candles are one of the most common causes of house fires. Pets can easily knock them over, and it’s all chaos from there. Consider flameless candles for ambiance or try essential oil diffusers to make your home smell nice.

Don’t Use Glass Water Bowls Outside

Outside on wooden decks, glass bowls can heat up and start a fire. Keep metal bowls out so your animals can get water on hot days while also keeping your home safe from fires. 

Secure Young Pets When Away

Young pets love to dig around in anything around them. Secure your young pets when away from your home. Keep them in their crates if you aren’t away for too long, or take your pet to a nice kennel if you are gone for a trip. Either way, it is crucial to keep your pets away from fire hazards when you are not home. 

Make Rescuers Aware of Your Pets

Fire alert window clings help firefighters identify the room your pets are located and determine the number of pets in your home. Add one to the window of the place where you keep your pets when you are away and put it at all of your home entrances. Keep it updated with the number of pets residing with you and your current phone number. 

Have a Plan

Discussing with your family who will be in charge of rescuing your pet in an emergency is very important. Planning will help the family remain calm and ensure your pets are not forgotten during an evacuation.

At Rocky Top Restoration, fire safety is paramount, and making sure your furry family members are protected is essential. Head to our website to learn more about fire damage and restoring your home after an emergency