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How to Storm-Proof Your House

No matter what part of the country you live in, chances are you experience intense storms that require extra attention in your home’s construction. The two most vulnerable parts of your home are the roof and windows. At Rocky Top Restoration, we encourage you to storm-proof your home, so you don’t have to call us about restoring it from storm damage. We have collected a few tips on how to storm-proof your home if you have not already. 

Protect windows and doors

A common issue during storms is damage to glass windows and doors. Strengthen your windows and doors by using shutters, awnings, or insect resistant screens. For garage doors, ensure you choose those that are wind and debris rated.

Ensure the roof is up to standards

Your roof is the weakest area during a storm, and usually takes the hardest hit during one. Ensure your roof is regularly checked; in fact, experts can identify whether your roof is secure. Wind resistant materials can be installed on your roof to make it more stable against storms.

Proof your guttering

Guttering can take a big hit during a damaging storm. Make sure that your guttering installer uses screws instead of nails during installation. This gives extra security to your gutters. Also, make sure to keep your guttering and downpipes as clear as possible. Blockages from water, debris, and leaves will overflow into your roof, causing even more damage. As long as you have professionals cleaning and checking your guttering at least once a year, you should be okay for storm season. 

Secure home additions

If your home has any additions like porches, patios, or carports, make sure you securely attach these items to your home so they don’t rip off and cause severe damage. If you have any outdoor furniture, make sure it is put away or adequately secure, so nothing blows into glass windows, causing extra damage. 

If you ever find yourself needing work done after a storm, our team at Rocky Top Restoration will be happy to help you repair and restore your home. If you follow some of these tips, hopefully, the damage will not be too much of a hassle, but our team can handle anything you throw our way. Head to our website for more information on the types of services we offer.