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3 Steps To Take After Finding a Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink

When it comes to any level of flooding in the home due to a bad leak under the kitchen sink, it’s best to take immediate action before the damage to your Tennessee residence becomes worse. Extensive water in the home can lead to massive damages and repairs, which could later cost you a pretty penny. Therefore, if you’ve noticed a growing leak and basic kitchen repair isn’t enough to handle it on your own, here are three steps to take to minimize damage and keep your home from collecting more costly repairs until professional help arrives.

1. Shut off the main water supply coming into the home.

All homeowners should have knowledge of where their home’s main water supply valve is located on their property, especially for reasons like pipe bursts or considerable leaks. When it comes to preventing more water damage, shutting off the water altogether ensures that it’s cut off at the source and you can spend more time stopping its spread across your living area.

2. Call your insurance company.

If the water damage is extensive in your kitchen or elsewhere in the home, calling your insurance company is key to getting help for future costs. Depending on your policy, most insurance companies cover the damage of flooding in the home. They could even potentially pay for the pipe, as long as it’s deemed a sudden occurrence and not something that could have been prevented before the problem arose.

3. Seek professional restoration services.

Once you understand the extent of your insurance coverage, it’s best to call upon the help of Rocky Top Restoration. We can remove any standing water and clean and restore your furnishings as well as help you with your kitchen repair.

Even if a leak under your kitchen sink has reached the point of no return, you can still take steps to keep any severe flooding from occurring in your Knoxville home. Follow these guidelines until professional help arrives, and you can prevent greater damage to your home and your wallet.