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Contemporary Floor Plans to Consider for Your Remodel

Contemporary floor plans and homes have been around for quite some time now. The idea behind these types of floor plans is to make them appear as if they are taking aspects from several floor plans and making one modern home floor plan. Contemporary plans are easily personalized, especially if you want to remodel your home. Here are a few additions to consider for your home remodel if you want a contemporary floor plan: 

What are Contemporary Floor Plans? 

Before diving into what to consider to make your home more contemporary, you might be wondering what is classified as a contemporary floor plan. Contemporary homes are those that are minimalist and open, with clean lines and a focus on natural light. These spaces tend to have simple layouts that utilize space efficiently.

Contemporary homes have many benefits like they require fewer rooms (which means less money spent on construction). These floor plans are also built faster than other types of houses, so it’s the best option for a remodel. If you’re looking to make your home more modern, a contemporary floor plan might be the way to go. 

How Can You Make Your Home More Contemporary? 

If you’re considering a contemporary floor plan for your remodel, there are a few things to keep in mind. You may have to knock a wall or two down to get the open-floor-plan you’re seeking. If you’re unsure of how to get started, our team at Rocky Top Restoration has remodeling experience. We help you with any home remodeling project! 

Here are a few aspects to consider that make any home remodel into a more contemporary layout: 

A Traditional Exterior 

Traditional exterior design is the style of a home’s exterior. This classic look has been around for decades and is characterized by brick or stone, with a front porch and shutters. Most contemporary floor plans incorporate the traditional exterior because it does not compromise the openness of the inside of the home. Here are a few common traditional exterior features: 

  • Brick or stone (or both) exterior walls
  • A front porch with columns or pillars
  • Shutters on windows
  • Clean rooflines
  • Symmetrically spaces windows

Opening Up Your Layout

An open floor plan is a style of interior design where the space is open and unbroken. Open floor plans are popular in modern architecture, and many families are remodeling their homes to match this new style. If your home is not as open as you’d like, consider contacting a professional remodeling company, like Rocky Top, to see how opening the floor plan might be possible. Professional home remodeling teams usually have to remove or knock down an entire wall to create an open floor plan. This gets pricey, so consider some of the benefits of an open floor plan before committing. 

Some of the newest contemporary floor plans include things like oversized windows to let in more natural light, high ceilings and hidden storage. The open floor plan allows you to easily move around your home without bumping into walls or furniture. It’s also a great option if you want guests to feel comfortable visiting with each other while still having their own space within the house. If you have kids, an open floor plan is a great option because the open space allows for a broader sightline! 

Keeping a Master Bedroom & Main Living Room

Open floor plans tend to be so open that there is no separation between bedrooms, a living room, the kitchen and any other room in the house. Many contemporary floor plans are adjusting the open floor plan to better fit their lifestyle by keeping the separation of a master bedroom and a living room. Usually by using walls, this separation adds a bit of a traditional layout without compromising too much of the openness. 

If you’re remodeling your home and want to keep some sense of separation, don’t be afraid to pick and choose how you’d like to layout your contemporary floor plan. Also, depending on structure and foundation, you may need to choose different rooms to open up or keep separated. The best part of contemporary floor plans is that there are no rules, so don’t worry about how you choose to open up your space. 

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular. If you’re looking to create an outdoor living space, there are many options available to you. You could have a deck or patio built on your property and use this area for entertaining guests and relaxing with family members.

Whatever type of outdoor living space you choose, it’s worth investing because these areas are an easy addition to any home. Adding an outdoor living space makes any home more contemporary and modern. 

The contemporary floor plan is one of the most popular options for home remodeling. It’s a great choice if you want to create an open and airy space in your home without changing too much to your home. It also works well if you want something more traditional. If you’re considering this type of remodel, contact our team at Rocky Top Restoration for a consultation to get you started!