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Tips for Drying a Commercial Building After Water Damage

If your commercial building in Knoxville, TN, is affected by water damage from a broken pipe or heavy storm, it is important to respond quickly. If water is left to sit, it is likely that mold will start to grow within a day or two. In addition, if you want to save sensitive documents and equipment, you must act quickly.

The best thing to do after a water-related incident is to contact a professional water restoration company as soon as possible. A professional team will help you get the most out of your recovery efforts. As you wait for the team to arrive, you can start the drying process yourself with these damage tips.

Turn On Dehumidifiers and Fans

Dehumidifiers and fans can reduce moisture as you wait for professional help. Also, if you have a wet vacuum, you can use it to take care of standing water.

Keep Outside Air Away From Flooded Areas

If you open doors or windows, you will allow contaminants such as mold spores to enter the area. If you are using an air mover near an opening to the room, make sure that it is forcing air outside and preventing the outside air from entering the room.

Take Photos of Everything After a Pipe Burst

This is one of the most important damage tips because it is crucial during the insurance claims process. In the aftermath of a stressful water-related accident, it is easy to forget to document all of the damage. Assign someone to go around to every instance of water damage and take photos from multiple angles. This will help you expedite the claims process and communicate effectively with the insurance company.

These damage tips will help you in the immediate aftermath of a water disaster. Once the restoration team arrives, they can give you cleaning tips and help you achieve a speedy recovery.