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What are Fire Prevention Tips for the holidays? 

The fall season is loved by many. As the weather cools, bonfires, pumpkin spice candles, and all kinds of savory foods are returning to our daily lives. The holidays also pose an increased risk for fires. Here’s how to stay safe with a few fire prevention tips for the holidays!

Extinguish candles and turn off stove tops/ovens.

Candles are amazing! There’s not much better than lighting a candle in the morning and settling in for the day with a mug of tea or coffee. It’s common to keep candles running constantly, and possibly having to curtail the impulse candle-buying habits often.

One common source of house fires are candles that are left unattended. So this season, be sure to extinguish any and all candles before you leave your house. If you’re in a different part of the house, it’s also a good idea to put out any candles you lit in other rooms earlier.

Along the same lines, it’s easy to forget to turn off the stove or oven after you take a meal off the heat. Leaving your stove or oven on, especially for gas ranges, pose a serious risk to your home and leaves dangerous fumes in the air. Be sure to turn off the oven or burners as soon as your meal is done cooking.

Keep insulation in the attic away from A/C units, vents, and fans.

It’s a good idea to periodically check the ventilation systems in your attic to ensure proper air circulation. Sometimes, insulation falls around a vent or fan, choking the circulation through that system. As the fan tries to pull air, it heats up the materials directly around it, leading to ignition in some cases. Make sure to leave at least six inches of open space around all ventilation systems.

Address any exposed wiring.

Wiring issues are a common problem, especially in older homes. If you notice any exposed wiring in your home, have an electrician cap the wires or remove them. Open electrical circuits ignite fires very quickly and contribute to their rapid spread.

While some wires remain exposed for years without causing trouble, all it takes is a moment of contact with a flammable substance to start a house fire. Address any exposed wiring as quickly as possible!

Don’t use gasoline to start fires.

For those who live in rural areas, it’s tempting to use gasoline to start bonfires. DON’T DO IT. The fumes from gasoline are highly flammable and quickly spread out when gasoline is poured. When a spark is added, the fumes erupt as well as the kindling, causing serious hazard for anyone standing near. Always use some kind of fire starter or approved ignition, as these substances are crafted specifically to minimize the risk of injury.

Stay up to date on your fire weather conditions.

The National Weather Service issues fire alerts to inform the public of how at-risk their area may be for wildfire. If your area is in a Red Alert, conditions are probably dry and have been for some weeks. The wind is particularly strong, as well. Any time a fire alert is issued, be extremely careful with open flame and flammable substances.

The fall season brings wonderful opportunities to enjoy nostalgic moments around a fire, but also brings unique risks. Follow these steps for a safe and enjoyable holiday season! Fire prevention for holidays is easy! If you need help after fire damage, call our team at Rocky Top Restoration for emergency assistance.