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What is the Commercial Fire Cleanup Process?

Experiencing a fire at your business is overwhelming. As soon as the firefighters extinguish the flames, you probably wonder what happens next. After all, this is not an everyday occurrence. Damage from the flames, smoke and soot as well as the water damage, must be cleaned and removed quickly. Depending on the amount of damage to your property, the fire cleanup process can be extensive and maybe even complicated. After the fire is put out and your property is safe, here is what the typical fire cleanup process looks like:

Assessing the Fire Damages

First, fire damage restoration professionals will arrive to thoroughly assess the damage. They will determine the extent of loss and create a remediation plan. Once a plan is in place, the technicians will do everything possible to mitigate the fire and smoke damage. This often includes shutting off the building’s electricity and water to prevent further loss.

Cleaning All Surfaces

The restoration team uses industrial equipment to clean the fire damage in the affected areas. All surfaces collect dust and other debris, and the smoke and soot sure will stick to these surfaces. In addition to smoke cleaning, a significant part of the fire cleanup process involves water damage restoration. Firefighters typically use many gallons of water to extinguish a building fire.

Fire Cleanup Process

Restoration experts do everything possible to return the affected property to its pre-fire condition. A big part of this process is using air scrubbers and other equipment to clean the air and eliminate smoke odors. This is a thorough process, and often helps our teams wrap up the cleanup process.

When a commercial building catches fire, remediating the water damage is a significant part of the cleanup process. Restoration teams eliminates the soot, debris and smoke odor and restores the damaged property.