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The Effect of Water Damage on a Home

Water can wreak havoc on the structure and safety of your home, oftentimes leaving devastating results. This can range from mold to broken appliances, and in severe cases, even death. From a leak in the roof, a leak in a household appliance, a flood or flash flood, to faulty drainage systems, this specific type of damage can occur in many different ways when you least expect it. Take a look at the extent of the damage that water can have on your home. 

The Water Itself

Did you know that the water itself can pose a serious threat to your safety and health? The danger of floodwater is divided into three categories – category 1 is clean water, category 2 is greywater, and category 3 is black water. Although there is some discrepancy between the three, clean water is typically from a sanitary water source, greywater is from leaking appliances like a dishwasher or a washing machine, and black water is the water from rivers, lakes, or ponds that have flooded your home. Category 3 is always the most difficult for a home to recover from, but it is possible. However, with this severe of damage, it is likely you will need to replace all flooring and furniture that the water came in contact with.

Gas and Electric Damage

First and foremost, it is strongly advised to completely shut off all power fueling electricity and gas in your home. If this step is not taken, there could be live electricity in the standing flood water and stepping in it could be very dangerous or even fatal. However, simply turning off the power fueling these appliances does not ensure the life of the appliance can be saved after recovering from the water damage. Water can be very damaging to wiring and gas lines.

It may seem like moving is the best option if your home experiences water damage, but in many cases, the restoration process could be less painful and more affordable. It is always a great idea to have your home evaluated by professionals after water damage has occurred. At Rocky Top Restoration, we care about your safety and your home. Contact us today, or visit our website to explore options of how we can help restore your home from water damage.