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What To Do If Your House Starts Flooding

Flooding is a stressful and unwanted event that unfortunately happens to many homes across the nation. Your first reaction if your home begins to flood might be to panic, but panicking only causes people to not think clearly. Therefore, we have laid out the steps of what to do if your home starts flooding so that you can be prepared if this unfortunate, yet fairly common, event pays you a visit. 

1. Turn off the water source.

This may seem obvious, but in the midst of finding your home mid-flood, you would be surprised at what all rushes through your mind at once. If it is an appliance that is causing the flooding, turn it off. If water is pouring in from a hole in your ceiling, do your best to patch it. If there is a natural rainwater flood and water is seeping into your home from the outside, you can clearly skip this step. Wear protective clothing when walking through your flooded home.

2. Turn off all sources of electricity.

Carefully head to the breaker box, and shut off all electricity to your house and around your house (patio lights, pool pumps, etc.). If live electricity is in standing water and someone steps in it, it could be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Again, it is very important to wear protective gear when walking through the home to shut off the electricity. 

3. Evacuate

It’s not just electricity that can be dangerous in floodwater within the home. There are many chemicals, molds, mildews, and harmful bacteria that can live in the water standing inside your house. It is important to evacuate immediately after shutting off the electricity to ensure no harsh substances or vapors are inhaled or touch the surface of your skin. 

4. Call Rocky Top Restoration

We have an emergency team that is available 24/7/365 to ensure your restoration process begins quickly and seamlessly. Our goal is to get your home restored back to normal without any stress or headache on your end. We start by removing the water from the home. Next, we dehumidify the spaces affected by the flooding. Our team even takes the extra step of preventing mold and mildew from growing post-restoration, so you don’t have to worry about the aftermath.  

If you have water damage or are experiencing a flood in your home, please contact us right away. Our professional, experienced, and eager team is ready to help restore your home back to normal. Visit our website to learn more about the other services we offer. We look forward to helping you and helping your home.