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We Are Still Working on Emergencies During COVD-19

Not a single person saw this coming. COVID-19 and the devastating impact it is having on our world was never expected. At Rocky Top Restoration, we understand that just because we are all having to self-isolate, quarantine, and social distance, that doesn’t mean that emergencies within your home are put on hold. 

Fires, floods, and bursting sewage pumps occur whether the sun is shining, snow is on the ground, and even in the midst of a global pandemic. For that reason, we are still here. We are still here for you and your family during any home emergency or disaster you may experience during this uncertain time. 

All of the professionals at Rocky Top Restoration are taking every measure necessary to keep themselves and all clients as safe as possible during this pandemic. Due to the current conditions and the severity of the coronavirus, we are only performing work on homes that are affected by emergencies and daily disasters.

So, what exactly is a home emergency? A wide array of occurrences can be considered home emergencies – a house fire, house flood by any cause, biohazard, a sewer line burst, overflowing toilet, and more. Essentially, anything that requires immediate attention is cause for us to come out and save your home from any further damage. We are working around the clock as usual – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

If you are experiencing an emergency in your house, please contact Rocky Top Restoration immediately – even if it is in the middle of the night. If you are unsure of whether an occurrence within your home is considered an emergency or not, still feel free to give us a call, and we will let you know. Our team is eager to help during this trying time for so many people. If you have any more questions about what safety measures we are taking during the coronavirus pandemic or if you want to learn more about our services, please fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you with all of the answers you need! We look forward to hearing from you.