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Water can wreak havoc on buildings and belongings from warping wood floors, damaging furniture, or damaging carpets.

Water damage can occur from a number of events, including a busted pipe or flooding from a storm. No matter the cause, water damage is a serious event that can cause further damage and health issues from mold if left untreated. Our team is IICRC certified for water mitigation, which means we know the proper techniques to stop the source of water and return your property back to normal as fast as possible.

IICRC Certified water mitigation

Immediate drying of water and flooded areas followed by damage cleanup

Application of advanced mold prevention materials

Return to original condition or upgraded condition (upon request)

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When you call Rocky Top Restoration, our emergency response team is available 24/7 and will quickly respond to the scene to begin the restoration process.

We want to mitigate the headache as much as possible, so we handle the entire water damage restoration process from start to finish. Every client is assigned to a project manager, so you only have one contact to keep up with instead of multiple.

Our highly trained team will stop the source of damage and use special equipment to remove the water, dry, and dehumidify the space. Once we have confirmed that space has been properly dried, we will clean and repair until we bring the space back to its pre-damage state. Further, our team will take steps to prevent the growth of mold in your space, to keep everyone safe and healthy.

As soon as you notice water damage in your residential or commercial property, call our specialized water restoration team so that we can get your space back to normal quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to minimize secondary water damage as well as prevent the growth of mold. Whether your water damage is from a busted pipe at 3 in the morning, flooding from a storm, or anything in between, Rocky Top Restoration is on call 24/7 for all of your emergency water damage restoration needs.

Let’s get your home back to normal.

We can help with your construction, water mitigation, smoke, and fire damage restoration, and crawl space needs.

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